Become One

David Brandt Berg


If the Lord has called you to a foreign field of service, it is important to learn the language of the land. You can’t very well tell people that you love them if you haven’t made the slightest attempt to learn their language, customs, culture, history, religion, characteristics, nationality traits, etc., which are all a part of them. You can hardly hope to understand them fully or reach them effectively without showing a genuine loving interest in who they are and what[...] read more

Fill Up Your Heart

David Brandt Berg


My grandfather, Dr. John Lincoln Brandt, was an orator of the old school—a great writer, teacher, preacher, and lecturer. He really knew the language and grammar, style, and oratory. He was an artist at public speaking. Whenever he gave a speech or lecture, sometimes standing in the dark on the platform, pointing to pictures of his travels or this or that, which I was showing on a slide projector, he never used a note.

So I asked him one time, “Grandfather, how are you[...] read more

Wonder Working Witnessing

A practical lesson on sharing your faith with others

David Brandt Berg


There once was a young man who got saved. He was a logger, and he worked in a remote area. The men he worked with were notoriously tough, strong, hard men, so the man who led him to Christ warned him, “When you go back to the logging camp, it’s going to be very difficult for you when they find out you’re a Christian, because most of those men don’t like Christians! You’ll no longer be the same man you were before,[...] read more