“Are You a Sightseer… or a Seer-Sighter?”

David Brandt Berg


This revelation came to me as our train wound its way through the hills of Italy. As my wife and I gazed out the window upon the ruins of castles, palaces and majestic villas of bygone eras, we were struck by how these great buildings, these glorious edifices, these grand creations of man, had all fallen into ruin and decay with the passage of time.

While I viewed the historic hillsides with their once proud structures, now in ruins, I could envision the glories of past centuries,[...] read more

Wonder Working Witnessing

A practical lesson on sharing your faith with others

David Brandt Berg


There once was a young man who got saved. He was a logger, and he worked in a remote area. The men he worked with were notoriously tough, strong, hard men, so the man who led him to Christ warned him, “When you go back to the logging camp, it’s going to be very difficult for you when they find out you’re a Christian, because most of those men don’t like Christians! You’ll no longer be the same man you were before,[...] read more