The Advantage of a Handicap!

Based on the writings of David Berg


During his last great political campaign, the American President, Theodore Roosevelt, was shot by a would-be assassin. The surgeon who was treating his wound handed him his steel spectacle case, telling him that it had saved his life. The case, which he had been carrying in his pocket, had broken the force of the bullet, and deflected it from hitting his heart! “Well, now, that’s strange,” said Roosevelt, as he took the case with the shattered[...] read more

To Win Some, Be Winsome

David Brandt Berg


I’ll tell you what I’ve learned about dealing with other religions, false doctrines, and so on: You can get so absorbed in fighting false beliefs and those who adhere to and propagate them that you forget your main job of preaching the Gospel, preaching the love of God in Jesus, lifting up Christ, and drawing all men to Him (John 12:32). That infighting and feuding is what the Church got into. About 200 years after Christ, the Christians got so busy fighting each other[...] read more


David Brandt Berg


This morning I was discouraged and frustrated about something. My wife sensed it, so she cheerfully began to sing this chorus:

Cheer up, you saints of God, there’s nothing to worry about,
Nothing to make you feel afraid, nothing to make you doubt!
Our God has never failed, so why not trust Him and shout?
You’ll be glad you trusted Him tomorrow!

The problem is that when we’re downcast, if we start talking about the situation, we usually end up voicing our complaints and[...] read more