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Most of the stories, anecdotes and poems in Reflections have their roots in the Bible, and many strive to give modern examples or applications of Biblical truths with which we are all familiar. It is, after all, the Bible which contains the most powerful and thought-provoking observations about human nature and life, and is therefore a constant source of fresh inspiration!–And it is God’s Word from which all great Godly men and women have drawn their strength and inspiration in the first place.

The wealth of anecdotes and stories in Reflections should prove to be an invaluable aid and devotional to everyone–teachers, parents, speakers, performers, writers–anyone who witnesses. These stories and anecdotes should be a blessing to everyone–to help you grasp the important truths of the Christian life, giving you a deeper insight into how to apply God’s Word to your individual situations and circumstances.

God bless you! We love you! We pray that the truths of these anecdotes, quotes, proverbs and poems will find a place in your hearts and lives, & that you in turn will be able to use them in your witness to others to enrich their lives with these true-life samples of living for the Lord!



Reflections “A”

A Bike Ride

A Choice and a Change

A Gallon of Milk

A Hopeless Case?

A Lesson from a Robin

A Little Child Shall Lead Them

A Man Among Men

A Mustard Seed

A Pilgrim’s Journey

A Prayer of Faith

A Survivor of the Titanic

A Tribute to Mothers

A Wonderful Mess

Ah, the Simple Life!

An Example

An Extract of Wisdom

Angels Around Us

Anger Is Hazardous To Your Health


Reflections “B”

Be a Friend

Be a People Person


Best-Loved Bible Quotes

Billy Sunday and the Banker

Building a Life

Buried Hurts

Reflections “C”

Can We Understand God?

Chatting With God

Christ’s Bread

Compromise and Conformity

Cut the Rope

Reflections “D”

Dinner Date

Discovering Love

Don’t We All?

Reflections “E”

Emilia’s New Friend

Escape from Stress

Reflections “F”

Failure? No Such Thing

Faith Works

For Happy Living

For Others

Four Magic Words

Reflections “G”

Getting Out of the Hole

Getting Ready for Heaven

Give a Rose

Giving by Praising

Go Slow–You’ll Get There Quicker

God Always Needs More Pipe

God Can Do It

God Leads a Pretty Sheltered Life

God’s Formula for a Healthy Life

God’s Help in Crisis

God’s Resume

Gold Fever

Gwen’s Canyon

Reflections “H”

He Knows

Healing Prayer

Heaven’s Gift

Helping Out

He’s With Me

Hope Eternal

How Deep a Life

How Do You Conquer Your Enemy?

How to Cope

How to Handle Resentment

Reflections “I”

If you believe…

In Love Forever

In Praise of People Who Didn’t Quit

In the Public Eye

In the Spirit of Love

Is This Normal?

It Comes Back to You

It’s Not Heaven, But It’s Close

Reflections “J”

Jesus on Love

Jim’s Prayer

John Did It

Reflections “K”

Keep It Simple

Reflections “L”

Lasting Effects

Life’s Little Pleasures


Like An Only Child


Long-Range Effects

Looking for Love?

Love Means Believing in Someone

Reflections “M”

Making Things Right

Most Noble Contessina…

My Attorney

My Heart Belongs to You!

Reflections “N”

Nature & Haiku

No Limits

No Problem!

Not Yet!

Reflections “O”

On a Troubled Sea

On Course

On Dark Days…God Opens a Window

On the Rebound

Other Footprints in the Sand

Our Guide

Reflections “P”

Paradoxical Commandments

Pass It On

People Skills


Please Do Not Disturb

Power Prayer

Prayer Power!

Reflections “R”

Reach Out… And See What One Person Can Do



Rest and Repose

Reflections “S”

Scientists Find Evidence of God

Shock Absorbers

Singing in the Train!

Small Woman, Great Faith

Sparrow at Starbucks

Speak to Me of Faith

Squirrel Power

Stress Reducers for Christians

Success in Marriage

Reflections “T”

Tales of Absolution

Ten Tips for Stress-Free Work

The Beauty Remains–The Pain Passes

The Big Rocks

The Bridge Builder

The Butterfly

The Cost of a Miracle

The Cross in the Bus Station

The Day Peter Ran

The Diary

The Eye of Faith

The Family Circus

The Greatest of These

The Healer

The House on the Hill

The Hymn that Saved Four Lives

The King’s Fool

The Lifesaver in His Coat Pocket

The Matchless Pearl

The Origins of Doubt

The Parable of the Magic Eyes

The Power of Encouragement

The Soldier’s Story

The Source

The Spring that Crossed the Road

The Tangled Bird

The Three Trees

The Treasure

The Vessel

The View

The Winner

Through the Storm…Perfect Peace

Through the Storm

Time Out

To Heaven and Back

Traveling Angels

Treasure Hunt

True Values

Reflections “U”

Unintentional Maintenance Oversight

Reflections “W”

What Does Love Mean?

What does it mean to be… At The Top

What Goes Around Comes Around

What Is Greatness?

What Jesus Did…

What Really Matters

What’s It All About?

Who’s Packing Your Parachute?

Whose Hands?

Wise Leadership

Reflections “Y”


You Are Important

You Are Unique!




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