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The Key Bible Verses booklet is a PDF file. We recommend you use Firefox or Google Chrome for studying it as these browsers have a built-in PDF reader. With Internet Explorer you will need to download and install Adobe Reader first to enable the PDF reader add-on. Go to the Adobe Reader download page and download it first.


Have you ever wished you had all the most important Bible verses on all the most important topics right at your fingertips? Well, here they are!

Key Bible Verses contains nearly 400 key scriptures on 35 topics, including…

…and much more.

Key Bible Verses is the most powerful short selection of Bible verses ever compiled!

It’s not only an excellent Bible study help, but also ideal for “reading on the run,” committing key scriptures to memory, and sharing your faith with others. You won’t want to leave home without it!

The Bible contains the Words of God, which Jesus said “are spirit and life” (John 6:63). These life-giving words convey God’s thoughts toward each of us personally, and reveal His overall plan for man.

If you are not yet familiar with the Bible, reading through Key Bible Verses will enable you to quickly and easily get God’s perspective on 35 foundation topics of Christian faith. It’s a compact summary of the Bible’s most important teachings.

If you are already familiar with the Bible, Key Bible Verses will help you review what God’s Word says on these vital topics. And if you are in the habit of committing Scriptures to memory, or would like to start, here are some all-time favorites. Key Bible Verses will also come in handy when you share your faith with others, or help them find God’s answers to their questions and problems.

All quotations are from the Authorized Version (King James Version) of the Bible.



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