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Countdown to Armageddon Full length Documentary

A comparison of the visions and prophecies of ancient prophets with modern-day happenings. A source of information about and insight into the fulfillment of biblical predictions—some already fulfilled and others yet to be.




Beyond Armageddon Full length Documentary

A sequel to Countdown to Armageddon. A documentary of host Simon Peterson’s journey through Israel. Exploration of many intricate details of Bible prophecy and documentation of fulfilled predictions.




The Coming Temple Full length Documentary

Filmed in the Old City of Jerusalem, this ground-breaking documentary investigates the research of renowned Biblical archaeologists, Bob Cornuke, David Sielaff and Earnest L. Martin who claim that Solomon and Herod’s Temples never stood on the Haram al Sharif, also known as the Temple Mount. If they are right, then there is nothing to stop the Jewish people building their long awaited for Third Jewish Temple in the actual site where the Temples once stood.




The Final Stand Endtime music video

Endtime prophecies in music video. A music video on Scriptures about the endtime major events.




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