Miracles Happen

free-bible-studies-online-miracles-happenHer doctors couldn’t promise that she would live from one day to the next

Debbie, who one month ago prayed with me to receive Jesus as her Savior, is overcoming a supposedly incurable disease—hepatitis C. Her condition was complicated by more than 10 years of heroin addiction. Her doctors couldn’t promise that she would live from one day to the next. Since I prayed with her for her healing, her blood has normalized to the point that her doctors have discontinued her medication. When I first met her, she couldn’t make it through a short conversation without nodding off a few times. Now she’s a picture of energy! She gets up at 5:45 each morning, takes her little girl to school, makes it through the entire day without a nap, and does many other things that were impossible for her before.
Terry Rondell, USA

A policeman who was given only six months to live

A couple that my husband and I have known for a few years asked us to pray for a friend of theirs, a policeman who was diagnosed with incurable cancer and given only six months to live. At that time the man had already been forced to leave his job and was being sedated because of extreme pain.
We prayed together for his healing, and the Lord answered! When the man went for his next checkup, his doctor told him that “something very unusual” had happened. Six months later, the man has returned to the police force and all those who knew of his illness are calling his healing a miracle.
—Patricia Lison, Chile



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