Be a Vessel of My Love

From Jesus With Love
free-bible-studies-online-be-a-vessel-of-my-loveDo you think you can pour love out of yourself? If you try, you will soon find that your own love falls short. True, unfailing, self-sacrificial love does not come from yourself, by your own power, or through your own efforts or habits or your own knowing how to love. But as you fill up on Me and My love, you will have this kind of love—and more than enough. This love will then pour out on everyone you meet.

First, you must let Me fill you up. A vessel that is moving or stopped up cannot be filled. You must be an empty vessel with an open mouth, and you must hold still and wait for Me to fill you up.

Spend time with Me, and I will teach you to love. Then My face will shine on your face, and those who see you will know that this love does not come from you, but from Me.



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