In the Secret Chambers

From Jesus With Love

free-bible-studies-online-in-the-secret-chambersIn the quiet chambers, as you take time with Me, I will speak to you. At first it won’t even be in words. I’ll just give you the peace that you need.

But as you take more time with Me—always coming in faith, believing that I’m there, waiting for you, and that I enter with you into the secret, quiet chambers of your heart—as you do this more and more, you will begin to hear Me more clearly. It’s something that you need to make a habit of, something that you have to practice. You have to attune your spiritual ears so that you can hear My voice. It’s like learning anything new. At first you have to concentrate, to really make an effort.

It’s like someone learning to tune a stringed instrument. At first it’s very difficult. Musicians have to really concentrate to be able to tell which notes are off key, which strings need to be tightened and which need to be loosened. But after a while, it becomes second nature to them and they can do it almost without thinking.

So it is with learning to listen to Me and hear from Me. Come regularly, step into the quiet chambers of your heart, and tune in to hear My voice. Little by little you will begin to hear Me clearer and clearer, until pretty soon it won’t require such a big effort. You’ll be able to hear Me loud and clear. You won’t even wonder if it’s Me. You won’t even have to strain to hear it, but My still, small voice will just be there, clearly instructing you in your heart.



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