Connect With Me

From Jesus with Love

free-bible-studies-online-connect-with-meNo matter what your circumstances or how you have handled them up till now, no matter what you have done or not done, I love you. I see your every tear. I hear your every cry for help. I feel your every heartache, your every sorrow, your every frustration, your every worry. I know your every desire. I see straight through to your heart of hearts and all that is in it, and I love you more deeply than you can possibly comprehend.

I see your struggles and I want to help. Life often is a struggle, but it is made so much easier when you spiritually connect with Me. I have all the love and comfort and peace and solutions you seek. I can transform turmoil, emptiness, and disappointment into peace, plenty, and love.

I am right here at your side, waiting patiently for you to reach out to Me so I can relieve your troubled mind, dry your tears, and show you how much I love you. You just need to connect with Me. You can do it anytime, anywhere, and I will supply the needs of your spirit, whatever you need most at that moment.



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