The Missed Bus

By Ben and Rebecca Waters


“I’ve missed my bus again,” sighed Miguel, who was working later than usual.

Just then Pablo came into the office. “I thought you went home a while ago,” Miguel said. “Why did you come back?”

“I forgot my Bible,” Pablo answered, “and now I see that I’ve missed the bus too!”

Just then they heard the screech of brakes and tires, followed by a loud crash. There had been a serious accident!

Miguel and Pablo were shocked to learn what had happened. The brakes had failed on a freight truck loaded with iron as the truck started down a steep hill. The driver lost control and it crashed into the very bus that the two of them usually rode! Twelve people died and 35 were badly injured.

Every day, Miguel’s wife Maria prays for her husband’s safety, and this day God had miraculously answered!


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