Basic Course 2–God’s Word

Genuine, lasting friendship is built on communication. You know how it is with a close friend—you share your thoughts, they understand you, you understand them. That’s how Jesus wants to be with us. He wants our close friendship, not merely a distant relationship. And for that friendship to grow, communication is essential. Directing our thoughts and needs to Jesus in prayer is one side of this communication; hearing from Him is the other. He reveals His thoughts to us through His Word—both the recorded Word in the Bible and the living Word that He speaks to our hearts when we listen to Him while praying.

His words to us are a precious gift of His love and a special token of His friendship. They are not only for our information and instruction, but they are also an invaluable reservoir of courage, strength, faith, hope, and life. If ever you’re feeling depressed or confused or just plain weary, nothing lifts your spirit like taking a few minutes to read a couple of Psalms or a chapter from the Gospels or a Christian publication based on the Scriptures.

We hope that this issue of Activated will encourage you to build a closer relationship with Jesus by spending more time with Him and reading more from His Word.

Don’t miss “From Jesus with Love” on the back cover of this magazine. It’s a beautiful personal message from Jesus to you. May God bless and keep you!

Keith Phillips
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