Anchor symbolizes our connection with the Lord. He is our Anchor—steady, strong, sure. He keeps us stable even when the waves are rough and the storms are raging. “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” (Hebrews 6:19 NIV)

Anchor provides devotional material which we hope will make it easy for you to have moments of communion with God in the midst of your busy life. The aim of Anchor is to provide devotional material that assists you in gaining the following from your times with the Lord:

  • Closeness to Jesus. Gaining a deeper relationship with Him. Getting to know Him better.
  • Renewal in the spirit. Fresh vision. New strength.
  • Greater faith.
  • A deeper understanding of God’s words.
  • More love for Jesus and love for others, including those who don’t yet know the Lord.
  • Continued desire for personal and spiritual growth in your life.
  • More of the manifestations of the Holy Spirit in your life—love, humility, joy, patience, gentleness, and more.
  • Better reactions to problems or difficulties, because you’ve spent time communing with Jesus and have absorbed a little more of God’s nature.





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