Activated Archives

Activated Archives

If you’re new to Activated, you may want to take a look at the Activated Basic Course. These are the introductory issues that touch on basic principles and cornerstones of the Christian life.


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Looking for inspiration? For a pause in the craziness? For a few moments of divine peace that will help you better face the challenges in your life? You’ve come to the right place.

Activated is all about connecting with God and experiencing what He has to offer—beginning with His gift of salvation and eternal life through Jesus. God wants to replace your stress and worries with faith and confidence, comfort you when you’re down, guide you in making difficult decisions, and support you in living in love and harmony with Him, yourself, and others.

Activated articles feature spiritual concepts presented in practically applicable ways. Personal accounts from active Christians around the world confirm that God is alive and working and always there for us with His love, strength, and power.

Whether you’re just beginning a journey of faith, are still deciding whether to do so, or you’re already walking a path of getting to know God better, Activated offers you a wealth of interesting reading, food for thought, and spiritual insight.



Activated Archives — 2018

January 2018 – Fresh Starts
With this issue dedicated to fresh starts and new beginnings, Activated wishes you and yours a new year filled with God’s love and protection.


Activated Archives — 2017

December 2017 – Christmas
Christmas is a time to enjoy family, friends, and life, and most importantly, to remember and reconnect with Jesus. Come celebrate the birth of the Savior with us!

November 2017 – Love
It’s been said that “all you need is love.” But what is love—and do Christians love any differently, or better, or worse, than anyone else? Read on to find the answers and more.

October 2017 – Change the World
Little is much if God is in it. Read to find out more about ways in which you can improve the world around you physically and spiritually.

September 2017 – Learning and Growing
As William Arthur Ward put it: “The adventure of life is to learn. The purpose of life is to grow. The nature of life is to change. The challenge of life is to overcome.” That’s what this issue is all about.

August 2017 – A God-Centered Life
The world needs Christians who are bold and honest, as well as loving and compassionate. Find out about living a God-centered life in this issue of Activated.

July 2017 – Communication with God
Do you long to have a close, intimate relationship with God, similar to that of a best friend? Perhaps you read your Bible and pray every day, but you still feel distant from God? Find answers in this issue of Activated.

June 2017 – Money Matters
There’s nothing wrong with having money, riches, or wealth. It all depends on whether you own the money or the money owns you. Read on to find out how to tell the difference.

May 2017 – State of Mind
Chuck Swindoll wrote: “The longer I live, the more convinced I become that life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we respond to it.” Discover why a positive attitude is one of our most valuable assets.

April 2017 – Christians in the World
Christians are citizens of God’s kingdom as well as of the world, and have responsibilities to both. Read on for more about how to manage that dual citizenship.

March 2017 – Relations with Others
Good relationships are built, not born. This issue of Activated explores the correlation between attitude and happy, strong, harmonious relationships.

February 2017 – Work
Psalm 19 says that God reveals Himself to the world by His work. What does your work reveal about you?

January 2017 – Optimism/New Year
New resolutions. New possibilities. New beginnings. Get started on 2017!


Activated Archives — 2016

December 2016 – Finding Christmas
Has it been a tough year? Join us as we explore the reason for hope this Christmas.

November 2016 – Vision and perseverance
Trials and testings are part of the Christian condition. But God’s help, vision, and perseverance are the remedy.

October 2016 – Moments
The Christian life is not a constant high. There are moments of discouragement as well as moments of happiness, but even in the darkest moments, we can focus on the light and love of Jesus.

September 2016 – Faith and endurance
God is no fair-weather friend. When you hit bottom, He is your place of refuge.

August 2016 – Fruit and fruitfulness
The sweetness of a fruit does not depend on its size. Nor does the legacy of an action. Read this issue to discover where to draw the strength and inspiration to build something that lasts.

July 2016 – Walking with God
Our days are full of surprises and the unexpected. Read on to discover how walking with God can make a difference in your life, relationships, and work, and help you navigate whatever comes your way.

June 2016 – Family and Society
Looking to be a force for good? Wondering where to start? This issue scratches beneath the surface and explores what can make that difference.

May 2016 – Never Alone
Whatever life throws your way, whatever storms you have to face, there is someone who loves you, who will never leave your side, never give up on you, and always support you.

April 2016 – Changes
‘Tis easy enough to be pleasant when life flows along like a song … but what do you do when upheavals come along?

March 2016 – Hopes and Disappointments / Easter
God’s message of hope comes to us in many forms. Easter is the best of all.

February 2016 – Kaleidoscope of God’s Love
We can’t grasp all of the myriad ways God shows His love, but we can say “thank you!”

January 2016 – Clean Slate
Life is a journey. A new year is a great time to check whether you’re going in the right direction.


Activated Archives — 2015

December 2015 – Following the Star
Discover the magic of Christmas—wonder, hope, and love.

November 2015 – Getting Through Difficult Times
Troubles don’t have to defeat you. There’s help at hand if you call.

October 2015 – Making Improvements
Changes and improvements are made one small step at a time. Find out how to get started and stay the course.

September 2015 – Faith
Strengthening your faith will strengthen your connection with God. This issue explores why and how.

August 2015 – Finding Your Way
Set sail on the ocean of decision. With God as your compass, you’re assured of reaching your destination.

July 2015 – Encouragement
We can all be people-builders; let’s encourage others as God encourages us.

June 2015 – Stress Relief
There’s no magic wand to remove all stress from our fast-paced lives, but there are ways to minimize and manage it. Let’s find some shock absorbers.

May 2015 – Food for the Mind and Body
We eat because we’re hungry, and we enjoy it too. Add the Bread of Life to the menu, and our souls will be satisfied as well.

April 2015 – Jesus / Easter
Want a clean slate? Get to know the One who can make it happen.

March 2015 – Being a Winner
Each of us can work hard to improve our skills and results in the game of life. But there’s a twist: This game isn’t about beating the competition. Read on to find out more.

February 2015 – Finances
We spend much of our lives working for a living—and that’s necessary—but let’s not neglect what money can’t buy: friendship, family, and peace of mind.

January 2015 – Firsts
It’s a New Year and there are adventures ahead. Dive right in!


Activated Archives — 2014

December 2014 – God with Us
Embrace the extraordinary—it’s Christmas!

November 2014 – Making Decisions
God knows all about making great decisions. With His guidance, we can make them too.

October 2014 – God’s Light
When the storms of life threaten to overwhelm you, there’s a way to regain your footing: stand on the Rock of Ages. Faith can hold you up.

September 2014 – Being a Hero
We look up to heroes, yet everyday heroism is within reach for each of us. Find out more in this issue.

August 2014 – Life’s Journeys
The journey through life is not always easy. But let’s not forget who’s on our side or what lies beyond-the best is yet to come.

July 2014 – Finding Joy
Even on a day when there doesn’t seem to be much to smile about, joy is just around the corner. Can you find it?

June 2014 – Success
Achieving lasting success without burning out—can it be done? Explore the possibilities.

May 2014 – God and Me
Exhausted with too much to do? Stressed with too much to think about? Bored and lacking direction? Good news! You’ve got a Friend who wants to help out! Find out more about developing your relationship with God in the latest issue of Activated.

April 2014 – A World in Crisis
The world around us is a jumble of conflicting interests, priorities, needs, and ideas. Thankfully, there’s Someone who has the solutions.

March 2014 – A Worthwhile Life
Living life to the full is something we all want. Explore some ideas for making the most of the life God has given us.

February 2014 – Love and Friendship
It’s said that a good friend has the power to divide our sorrows and double our joys. Find out how to be that kind of friend.

January 2014 – New Beginnings
New year, new beginnings. Find out how to make the most of the opportunities and challenges the new year brings.


Activated Archives — 2013

December 2013 – Ring Christmas Bells
Christmas is a time for family and loved ones, and for remembering the greatest gift ever given. Join us in celebrating the good news that Jesus came into the world and changed it forever.

November 2013 – Walking with God
A relationship involves companionship, dialogue, and a meeting of hearts and minds. Explore how to cultivate your relationship with God.

October 2013 – Self-Control
We can all learn how to tap into the reservoir of supernatural self-control-not only by reaching deep down inside and mustering our own willpower, but by tapping into God’s power.

September 2013 – Gentleness
God is big and powerful beyond our comprehension, and yet He treats us with utmost tenderness and loving care. Read on to see how we can emulate that to make “gentleness” a strength in our own lives.

August 2013 – Faithfulness
God always keeps His promises and fulfills His purposes. He remains loyal to us even when we turn away from Him. This issue will help you learn more about God’s faithfulness and how you, with His help, you can become an ideal friend, spouse, or business partner.

July 2013 – Goodness
Goodness is the fruit of the Spirit that catches others’ attention and engenders respect, the virtue that attracts people and finds and keeps friends. It builds relationships and shows God’s love to others around us, so that life can be more enjoyable for all. Sound like a trait worth cultivating?

June 2013 – Kindness
Kindness usually costs little or no money and is not beyond any of us. Everyone wants to be treated kindly, and this issue will help you get a head start in how to include encouragement, sympathy, thoughtfulness, and compassion in your life.

May 2013 – Longsuffering
Do you find that grumpy, overbearing, or annoying relatives, neighbors, or coworkers ruin your day? Is it hard to accept when your kindness is not repaid or your efforts are not noticed? This issue of Activated addresses those very topics and more.

April 2013 – Peace
Whether you’re struggling with stress, loss, financial pressures, or any other trouble, you’re not alone. God’s peace is always available to encourage you and help you get through the difficult patches with your spirit intact.

March 2013 – Joy
Learn, if you haven’t already, this truth that Madeleine L’Engle stated so well: “Joy is the infallible sign of the presence of God.” Then learn to live in that sweet spot.

February 2013 – Love
Life’s ultimate reward is found in its ultimate challenge-loving others as God does. The articles in this issue offer thoughts and insights to help bring the prize within reach.

January 2013 – Starting Over
The year ahead brims with fresh new possibilities for those who believe God’s promise in Jeremiah 29:11: “I know the plans I have for you-plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”


Activated Archives — 2012

December 2012 – A Love-filled Christmas
May the wonder of God’s love and the joy of His presence be yours this Christmas and always through His Son, Jesus, whose birthday we celebrate this month.

November 2012 – Praise and Thanksgiving
Why is an attitude of thankfulness and praise to God important to our personal success and happiness? Answers suggested in the following articles may surprise you.

October 2012 – Investing in Eternity
What matters most? What do you want from life? What kind of person do you want to be? This issue aims at helping you take stock, refocus, and chart a course toward greater happiness and fulfillment.

September 2012 – Optimism
Sheer willpower can get us through many of life’s difficulties, but only God can get us through the really tough ones. He wants to not only do that, but to make us better in the process.

August 2012 – Prayer Power
None of us can achieve ultimate success in life or any endeavor on our own; we all need outside help, and who better to help guide and provide than all-knowing, all-powerful God Himself?

July 2012 – Relations with Others
Understanding and having patience with people who are different from us begins with understanding how God sees them. Here are a few thoughts on that.

June 2012 – The Bible
Don’t let the truly important things in life to get lost amid daily routines and emergencies. Make today a defining moment that puts your life on course for greater success, happiness, and fulfillment.

May 2012 – Faith
Are faith and reason at irreconcilable odds, or can reason be used to draw us deeper into faith? This issue tackles that age-old question.

April 2012 – Environment
We each share in the responsibility for taking care of and saving our collective home. This issue of Activated explores ways that we, together and with God’s help, can do a lot better

March 2012 – God Cares
Bad things happen, but it’s nearly always possible to achieve some positive result in spite of them. Here’s how that works.

February 2012 – Overcoming Fear
Fear can be debilitating, but it doesn’t have to be. Learn to face your fears and march right through them in this issue.

January 2012 – New Year
Stepping into a new year can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Put your hand in God’s and get your cues from Him, and you’re ready to face whatever challenges 2012 may bring your way.


Activated Archives — 2011

December 2011 – Christmas
It has been a particularly difficult year for this weary world of ours, but once again Christmas helps put things in perspective and brings hope for a better tomorrow.

November 2011 – Relationships
Interpersonal relationships are one of life’s greatest challenges, but also one of its greatest rewards. This issue aims to help you meet those challenges and reap those rewards.

October 2011 – Financial Giving
If you are like many millions of others struggling through the global economic downturn, this issue should give you some ideas and hope.

September 2011 – Solutions to Problems
How far will God go in helping you find answers to your questions and solutions to your problems? You may be surprised at these answers.

August 2011 – Happiness
Your happiness is high on God’s priority list, and He’s doing all He can to make it happen. He can’t do it alone, though. Here’s what He needs from you.

July 2011 – Social Responsibility
Torn between pursuing personal goals and taking social responsibility? It’s possible to succeed at both.

June 2011 – Life’s Challenges
Our reaction to life’s reversals has a major bearing on how quickly we recover from them. Be happier by cutting your turnaround time.

May 2011 – God’s Love
Faith in God’s unfailing love puts life’s problems and pressures in perspective. Make the faith/peace connection.

April 2011 – The Spiritual Realm
How the spiritual realm works remains one of life’s great mysteries, but God has given some clues—food for thought and fuel for faith.

March 2011 – Our Bodies
One way we can show God how thankful we are for all He’s given us is by taking care of His gifts, starting with the most indispensable one—our bodies.

February 2011 – Personal Growth
God wants nothing more than to help you reach your full potential, and He’s got a plan. Here’s how to keep growing.

January 2011 – Prayer
Need help sorting out your problems, managing your days, and satisfying your deepest longings? It starts here.


Activated Archives — 2010

December 2010 – Christmas
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from everyone at Activated. May your holiday season be happy and blessed, and may this issue help make is so.

November 2010 – Positive Uplook
We can’t stop all bad things from happening, but we can reduce their impact, which will help us recover more quickly and make the process less painful. Here’s how.

October 2010 – Forgiveness
Ailing spiritually? Jesus, Great Physician, is concerned about both our physical and spiritual well-being, and He stands ready to help and heal both body and spirit.

September 2010 – Healing
Who do you turn to when you need healing? How much can you expect God to intervene, and what does He expect from you? These answers and more.

August 2010 – Spiritual Renewal
Life holds no greater thrill than discovering how much God loves you and wants to show that love day by day. This issue brings that truth up close and personal.

July 2010 – Contentment
Circumstances don’t need to dictate your level of happiness. This issue will help you find peace of heart and mind, no matter what you may be going through.

June 2010 – Defining Moments
The World Cup, international football’s (soccer) premier tournament, is finally here. Who will be remembered for what? And what will be your legacy?

May 2010 – Facing Challenges
Life is full of problems, but God wants to turn every one of yours to your eventual good—and sometimes you can speed the process. Here’s how.

April 2010 – Heaven
What will heaven be like? This issue gives a glimpse into that heavenly realm. After reading this, you will never see this present world quite the same.

March 2010 – Faith in God
Don’t let this world’s troubles drag you down with them; faith in God’s love will help you rise above any circumstance or misfortune.

February 2010 – Success
Succeeding in today’s world is a complicated and tricky business, but God knows all the secrets and wants to share them with you. He’s just waiting for you to ask.

January 2010 – Resolutions
Not sure you have what it takes to turn your dreams for 2010 into reality? Tap into God’s infinite power and resources and anything is possible.


Activated Archives — 2009

December 2009 – Christmas
With the world reeling from economic woes, this is going to be a different sort of Christmas for many of us, but with the right approach it could turn out to be the most blessed yet.

November 2009 – Giving Love
True Christianity can be summed up in one word—love. That’s easier said than done, but it gets easier once you realize it’s God’s love and yours for the asking.

October 2009 – The Supernatural
Can God bend the laws of nature to intervene on our behalf? If so, who qualifies for such help and how? What else does He hope to accomplish? Answers here…

September 2009 – Relationships
When relationships go awry, everyone suffers. But where we have problems, God has solutions. You may be amazed at how simple they are!

August 2009 – Beauty and Self-Worth
If you have a problem with the way you see yourself, look again. God created you in His own image, and He loves you more than you can imagine—just as you are.

July 2009 – Aging Gracefully
We all age, but too few of us learn how to enjoy and make the most of the process. Here’s how to make each passing year better than the one before.

June 2009 – Fathers
Good fathers are one of God’s special gifts, and fatherhood is one of His special callings. Activated salutes those men who help make us all we can be.

May 2009 – End Time
What is in store for this weary world of ours?—Both trouble and triumph, it turns out. Here’s what to expect and how to prepare.

April 2009 – Easter
Infinite love and eternal life begin the instant you believe this promise from Jesus: “Because I live, you will live also” (John 14:19). Find out more here…

March 2009 – Women
It’s time to pay tribute to all the wonderful women around us as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the international women’s movement on March 8. Happy Women’s Day!

February 2009 – Positive Attitude
Happiness is what we make it, and we make it first in our minds. Find out how to build a happier, more positive, and more productive you.

January 2009 – New Year
In order to reach the ultimate success this coming year and beyond, get God’s power behind you. That’s easier than you probably realize.




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